To Defend Our Freedoms, We First Need To Draw

To defend our freedoms from the vile religion of the vile “Prophet” Muhammad:

We first need to DRAW the vile “Prophet” Muhammad, so we don’t forget what he looks like.

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Say “NO” To Muhammad’s Shariamonster

The vile “Prophet” Muhammad’s Shariamonster, also known as “Islam,” wants to decapitate our freedom of speech.

Muhammad himself began assassinating his critics soon after winning his first victory, at the Battle of Badr – and Muhammad’s Shariamonster has never ceased to follow his barbaric example.

Say “NO” To Muhammad’s Shariamonster,  and say “NO” to Islam!

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Nobody’s “Prophet” Has A Right NOT TO BE MOCKED

Even HUMAN “Prophets” have NO right NOT TO BE MOCKED – and the same thing goes for Islam’s Muhammasaurus Rasulex.

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Even HUMAN “Prophets” Have NO Right NOT TO BE MOCKED… And The Same Thing Goes For Muhammad

Nobody’s “Prophet” has a right NOT TO BE MOCKED.

Even HUMAN “Prophets” have NO right NOT TO BE MOCKED – and the same thing goes for Islam’s Muhammad.

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“Prophet” Muhammad To The Women Of The Banu Qurayza

“It has taken me the better part of a day, in stifling heat, to behead your 600 husbands and grown sons, one by one. WHEN are you going to APOLOGIZE?” (Click on image to enhance.) Prophet-Muhammad-To-The-Women-Of-The-Banu-Qurayza

PRESERVE Your Own Freedom Of Speech! DRAW The Vile “Prophet” Muhammad

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